Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pod People.

I have taken the training on podcasts today and I see some good applications for this. Training courses, instructional & informational, and other forms of useful information coud be of great benefit to users of podcasting. I have watched podcast instructional and news videos many times without actually labelling them as podcasts. I have found them very informative. This is one aspect of the training that I definately know I use on a regular basis and find informative. As far as making my own podcast, I probably won't delve into that end unless I find myself teaching a course on something on the internet someday.
In the meantime, I have been trying to apply the things that I have learned so far from this training. Outside of Twitter, most of the things I have seen so far seem like they could be useful for the exchange of nescessary information. As far as twitter, only myself and one other employee here at Tuckahoe using it and the infor we are passing back and forth is pretty mundane and has little bearing on what we do, even though most of it is in relation to our job.
Well, I'm off to experience more podcasts. Maybe watch Weird Al Yankovick's "White & Nerdy" on YouTube. :)

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