Thursday, April 30, 2009

Delicious? Tastes like computer to me.

I just finished the training on social bookmarks. This particular item has its uses for people that need to share online source information and access it form other terminals. For many applications this appears useful for those constantly working online and traveling alot. I started my account on delicious and added a couple of items, but I may not use this particular service itself all that much. This may change as I continue to explore it though.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Social networking!

I just finished the training on social networking today. While I have not used the particular sites mentioned in the training, I do participate in social networking on other sites that are specific to the research and interests that I have. The one I am using alot right now is a website dedicated to those with an interest in World War One aviation. Many of the people who post on this site include some of my favorite authors, artists and historians. I am currently working on a research project and I am happy to say that I am using the web 2.0 training in my posts in inquiries. The thread that I have going now relates to a particular aircraft flown by Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. the Red Baron. If anyone wishes to see this thread, here is the link:

Gaming? At work? COOL!!!!!

I just finished reading through the gaming training and I am actually suprised to see this on a county training course. Gaming as a part of work training? Who'da thunk it? But seriously, there are some types of gaming that are educational and can be used in that capacity. However, I would tend to shy away from encouraging RPG and Shooter games at work as they can be very addictive and sometimes just trying to figure out the controls can take up hours. I also have trouble with the idea of people only networking through gaming. Actual face to face interaction is always the best way to teach children how to associate with others in the outside world. This is a section I probably will spend little time exploring myself.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wicked Wikis

I just finished the wiki training on CHPL learning and this is another one of those items on the internet that I use quite frequently. In fact, I have been using Wikipedia quite frequently over the past few years. Wiki's are an excellent source for sharing information. However, the one thing that everyone needs to be aware of is that sites like Wikipedia can be written and modified by EVERYONE and not everyone will give accurate, or even factual, information. There has even been instances in the past few years of newscasters and news writers using blogs and wikis to base a particular news reports on and the information they used turned out to be false. A few of these newscasters and writers have even lost their jobs over these false stories. I have used this example to point out one of the hazzards of using wikis for research information. Unless you know the source, you need to check out the facts for yourself. Encyclopedia Wikis serve as good starting points, but it always pays to do your own research. Other types of wikis, such as our own CHPL wiki, are excellent sources for exchanging information and sharing technical details in a quick and easy manner. Others adding to the wiki contribute their own knowledge and experiences that can be shared with others. Adding lines in an wiki operations manual can be a good way for someone to shaer an easier procedure with others, or give helpful hints from their experiences.