Friday, February 27, 2009

Added Music

In exploring more about the blog I am now using I have learned how to add music. I followed the instructions on the blog dashboard and created an account with a free service to generate the URL needed to play the music. Appropriately, the song is The Royal Guardsman's Snoopy vs. The Red Barron. Hope everyone enjoys the song, it's a lot of fun for any Snoopy fans. The Royal Guardsman did a whole series of Snoopy & Red Barron songs, so I will be able to change the music around from time to time so it won't get boring.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Having gone through the week one and week two training, I am hoping to learn more about the manipulation of the blog site that I am using. I am still trying to figure a number of technical things out. Since this is my first blog, it may take a little time. I have used computers for years, but I have never gone to the blogging end of the spectrum. Mostly I use them for research, information, and products while I prefer to communicate in person. I don't even like to use phones that much. I always thought I was rather techno savy, but maybe not.

But some of the things that I can do here, I have been getting information in a similar manner by going to chat sites with similar personal inetersts like aviation sites and history sites and joining in on posts and conversations. I will also do general searches for certain topics and see what comes up for information I am looking for. Sometines this is rewarding, sometimes frustrating, sumtimes, just plain suprising. By using blogging, maybe I can expand the information I can recieve.

I am going to wait until I get the "big picture" as I go along in training to see if this becomes a tool I will use more frequently.