Thursday, February 19, 2009

Having gone through the week one and week two training, I am hoping to learn more about the manipulation of the blog site that I am using. I am still trying to figure a number of technical things out. Since this is my first blog, it may take a little time. I have used computers for years, but I have never gone to the blogging end of the spectrum. Mostly I use them for research, information, and products while I prefer to communicate in person. I don't even like to use phones that much. I always thought I was rather techno savy, but maybe not.

But some of the things that I can do here, I have been getting information in a similar manner by going to chat sites with similar personal inetersts like aviation sites and history sites and joining in on posts and conversations. I will also do general searches for certain topics and see what comes up for information I am looking for. Sometines this is rewarding, sometimes frustrating, sumtimes, just plain suprising. By using blogging, maybe I can expand the information I can recieve.

I am going to wait until I get the "big picture" as I go along in training to see if this becomes a tool I will use more frequently.

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