Thursday, May 7, 2009

Online productivity.

Online productivity sounds like the right application of technology for the jobs we sometimes do, especially in the office. Myself and the other two managers here have been emailing back and forth a number of revisions to work procedures that we use here. My inbox keeps getting full of stuff like this that just takes up room and causes confusion. This new method of placing items on the Internet for revision and review seems like a very good idea in this situation. Maybe I can convince the others to start using this more often. The only problem that I would have with this would be security. I would not feel comfortable with confidential information being placed on the web. Likewise with copyrighted material. I have met some authors and artists in my recent research and I know that one of their main concerns is infringement on their work. Placing that work on the web to share with editors might be a little risky. However, use in the work environment seems like a wonderful idea to me.

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